Lost World Caverns

According to the Lost World Caverns website, they were discovered in 1942. It’s amazing that something so massive is a fairly new find! They typically offer 2 different tours, but since I dropped in during the pandemic, they were only offering the self-guided, general admission tour. 

Before going in the caverns, I strolled around their Visitor Center and Gift Shop. This place spans around 3,000 square feet, so make sure you have time to look around. From a life size Bigfoot to all of the skulls and fossils, it would make such a fun spot for kids or a class field trip. The gift shop is full of fun West Virginia and Lost World Caverns merchandise. I grabbed a couple of stickers and headed inside, but I still regret not getting a fun Mothman cap they had with the caverns branding. I hope they have them when I got back!

When you step inside the caverns from the Gift Shop door, a cool damp breeze and a ramp heading down to the caverns will greet you. Inside the caverns, you’ll have narrow walkways and steps to guide you through your journey inside. I loved reading about some of the formations, like the Bride, and wondered how amazing the caverns would be lit up during a Christmas lights or even Halloween event. The caverns, as expected, tower over you as you walk through, and it’s impossible to imagine how the first people felt in 1942 when this place was discovered.