Is a Remote Freelancer Right for my Business?

Not every business needs a full-time, in-house developer. Maybe you catch yourself saying “I wish I knew a good developer” or “I wish I had someone to work with me for a few days.” Wild and Wanderin’ is fully remote, and provides all of the equipment (laptop, hotspot, high-speed internet, software, Adobe Creative membership, MS Office), saving YOU money.

Remote work is here to stay. And it can save you time and money.

Benefits of Hiring a Traveling Remote Professional

Have Skills, Will Travel

We will come to you. And we can stay for as long as it takes. We love traveling and journaling about our experiences on the road and with our clients (or just a cool restaurant we found on our way to a client). We have hourly rates or we will work for reduced or free accommodations. Our SUV is being converted into a camper and remote office, so even if we just have a place to park for a few days. Are you near a state park, camp ground or have an AirBnB? Even better.

Total Flexibility 

We don’t have ‘office hours’ and time off. We work at any hour and until we get the job done. 

Extending the Mobile Talent Pool

It’s no secret larger cities have a great amount of tech agencies and skilled technology professionals. No matter where you are in West Virginia, if you have high speed internet or AT&T, we can come to you!

No Paid Time Off or Benefits
Our personal time is guilt free and is always on our own dime – saving you money. Digital nomads and vagabond programmers are highly productive, and without the hustle and bustle of the standard 9-5, we focus on productivity and your product – not the clock!

You don’t have the overhead that comes with office costs, benefits, software, or hardware. We have everything we need.

No More Unnecessary or Unproductive Meetings
“This could have been an email.” is a thing of the past with remote freelancers. We show up ready to meet, brainstorm, and collaborate. 
Variety is the Spice of Life

“I think there’s a new view that distributed teams are a clever hack and that startups have an advantage in hiring really great talent at a lower cost,” says Megan Quinn, a general partner at VC firm Spark Capital. She regularly works with companies who aren’t finding the right employees in the scramble for talent in California. Instead, they’re “tapping into great talent in Canada, have an amazing customer service team in Arizona, and a sales force in Austin,” she continues. “That’s now considered an asset.”

 How It Works

We come to you. We stay a day, two, or ten – whatever you need. We work for you and with you on-site. It’s really that simple.


Wild and Wanderin’ is fully self-contained, and committed to safety following all state mandated guidelines and all CDC recommendations to stay safe while working, traveling, and in our personal life.