Things You Need to Travel and Sleep in Your Car


Hotspot and Data / Internet for Traveling

Since I work remotely and needed to work on the road, I purchased a Netgear Unite Explore mobile hot spot. I had used one in the past and loved it, so I just went with a model I was familiar with. There are so many options, so you will need to research coverage maps for your region and plans. Even though I had AT&T cellular service, using my phone as a hotspot was so frustrating and slow, and it drained my battery. The Netgear Unite Explore was $92 when I purchased mine from Amazon.

Digital Storage and Backups

Even though I knew I would have a Hotspot, I worried I would not be able to save stuff to the cloud or I would have another OneDrive issue which caused me to lose hours of work. When you’ve spent hours writing code or animating graphics, it’s a pretty tough blow if you lose a file or something gets corrupted. Enter the Sandisk Extreme Portable Solid State Drive. It was on sale for $79.99 when I purchased mine.

Other Electronics

Before traveling for Wild and Wanderin’ I had been gifted this neat little power bank and jumper kit. I make sure to charge it before I leave home, while I’m driving, and when I stop anywhere that has outlets available. I also make sure I have chargers for my Apple Watch, my phone, and my earbuds. Since I do some video recording along the way, I also keep an extra MicroSD, battery, and card reader in my bag.ย 


Sleeping Arrangements

There are so many options for sleeping. Some may prefer a nice hammock or sleeping in a tent, however, with social distancing and wanting a little extra comfort, I opted for a roll up thick memory foam bed. I measured the back of my SUV and couldn’t use a full length cot, but this worked perfect.
I like to be comfortable. I’m a much happier camper when I get a good night’s sleep or a rejuvenating afternoon nap! ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  I keep a pillow and blankets in my overhead cargo storage. It keeps it tucked away overhead and not in the way. Also prevents them from being drenched in an accidental water bottle spill – ask me how I know! ๐Ÿ™‚
Window Coverings
You can cover your windows a number of ways. I opted for cutting out custom-fitย  cardboard to push into the windows (YouTube demonstration coming soon!) and keeping clips in the SUV for tapestries (or flat sheets).

I also got this affordable SUV overhead cargo bag. I keep my window coverings, sheets, and other things I use daily overhead. It keeps them easily assessible and free from spills and accidents.ย 

Food, Kitchen, and Cleaning Supplies

Dr. Bonner’s Pure Castile Soap

It is naturally bio-degradable, and can be used to clean your face, body, and even your dishes and laundry. It’s really the perfect soap for travelling. I like the Baby Unscented soap, and can add different essential oils like Wild Orange for an uplifting summer scent or Lavender and Peppermint which is cooling and refreshing after a hot and sweaty hike.


Luckily, I really love cold brew, especially in the summer. I use my Bodum Cold Brew (cold press) coffee maker at home which makes about 50 ounces of coffee. I make mine a little strong so I can use it as concentrate and I store it in a mason jar or food grade stainless steel and make it with any milk-alternative or flavoring I may want for a few days.

Water cooler with spout

I use Hydro Cell to carry along filtered cold water, but like to have water for cleaning, baths or drinking water for Luna, and brushing my teeth. I fill my collapsible water jug with a spout to have water on hand for this.

More to come

I will be adding more to this page as time goes on and plan on doing more YouTubes on my setup and gear later in 2021.

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